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Ottawa Symphony Orchestra

OJYO / OYO Retreat

Introductory | Strings | Winds | Harp | Percussion
Ottawa Junior Youth Orchestra | Ottawa Youth Orchestra

Each season, the Ottawa Junior Youth Orchestra (OJYO) and Ottawa Youth Orchestra (OYO) have a full weekend September retreat, where the musicians are introduced to the fall repertoire, and have a chance to get to know the conductor, the coaches, and their fellow musicians.

The retreat is a mandatory element in the program. The cost of the retreat is paid by all OJYO and OYO members at time of registration.

The Retreat Schedule:

The retreat changes slightly from year to year, but generally follows a consistent pattern:

Details will be available by the time of auditions.


Most years, the retreat takes place the second week of the Academy season, usually the last weekend of September.


All rehearsals are held at the Ottawa Technical Learning Centre, at 485 Donald St., Ottawa. The Saturday night activity location can change from year to year. (Bussing is provided.)


The costs of the Retreat are paid at the time of registration.

Parent Involvement:

The Retreat Organizing Committee is made up of parents. They will recruit volunteers to help throughout the weekend, and may request that parents provide a few snacks for the musicians throughout the weekend.